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The most famous Turkish malls in Istanbul

turkish malls in istanbul

The most famous Turkish malls in Istanbul

There is no doubt that the city of Istanbul, which is sung by Turkish poets, and testifies to its charm by everyone who has seen it, is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, in addition to being one of the most important capitals of international fashion that has drawn the attention of many lovers of elegant international fashion.

Every inch of Turkish malls in Istanbul provide unlimited choices of perfect shopping, the distinguishing malls of Istanbul give you many diverse options, in this report we have listed for you the most famous and best huge Turkish malls of Istanbul to make the tour of Istanbul more enjoyable.

Best Malls in Istanbul

 Turkey is visited by many tourists from different parts of the world to shop in its best shopping malls in Istanbul, as it has many huge, large and luxurious malls in Istanbul, Turkey. Get to know with us the most prestigious malls in Istanbul, Turkey, which is witnessing a great tourist demand due to its being one of the distinctive tourist destinations.

1- Cevahir Istanbul Mall

 The stunning Cevahir Mall of Istanbul has won many awards in the field of shopping, and is one of the most important malls in Istanbul, Turkey. That is visited by Turks, and Arab tourists in particular.

2-Venice Mall of Istanbul

 Venessa Mall of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and largest complexes of turkish malls in Istanbul, visited by tourists from all over the world, nothing beats the pleasure of shopping in it moving between the shops that show you the most famous international brands. It also has cinemas, restaurants and cafes that rank among the best shopping mall in Istanbul Turkey.

3-Mall of Istanbul

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 Mall of Istanbul is one of the worlds huge turkish malls of istanbul for great  shopping experience!, it is one of the most famous malls in Istanbul, Turkey that enjoys a great tourist demand, it includes about 350 diverse stores that offer you everything you might need, from clothes and souvenirs to jewelry. It offers you many entertainment options that suit you and your family in turkish malls in istanbul.

4- Mall of Istanbul Forum

Forum Mall Istanbul with its distinctive design that blends modernity and originality is one of the finest and most famous malls in Istanbul Turkey. It gives you many great leisure facilities as well as outlets for the best and most famous international brands that you may find in turkish malls in istanbul.

5-Zorlu Mall

It is one of the best shopping mall in Istanbul, it offers its visitors a beautiful combination of shopping fun and leisure activities that make it a favorite shopping destination for many visitors, whether local or foreign tourists. Zorlu Mall has a large number of exciting amusement park and  games as well as restaurants serving delicious meals that you will definitely enjoy.

6-Aqua Floria

 One of the best shopping malls in Istanbul, its ideal location with its stunning seaside view enables it to attract visitors and tourists, gives you a unique shopping experience in turkish malls in istanbul, and the number of its stores reaches 145 stores capable of meeting all your needs.

7-Estenia Park Istanbul

 The best high-end malls of Istanbul, Turkey consists of 3 floors containing more than 300 shops of the most famous international brands, you can have a delicious meal in one of its wonderful restaurants, and eat dessert from delicious pastry shops. It also includes toy shops, children’s entertainment centers, furniture shops, electronics and souvenirs, you can find this all in one destination which is turkish malls in istanbul.

8-Ambassador Tower

A high building that cuts the skies of Istanbul Turkey as its highest building, gives you a great marketing mix between shops and diverse entertainment facilities suitable for all family members.

9-Vialand Istanbul

 Best shopping mall in istanbul, Located in the Sultan Ayyub area, this magnificent mall houses an amazing selection of shops showcasing the most famous international and Turkish brands, as well as cinemas, entertainment venues, cafes, restaurants and many attractions that amaze tourists and encourage them to visit turkish malls of istanbul from all over the world.

10-Torium Mall

Torium Mall is one of the largest and best shopping malls in Istanbul, with its construction on an area of 4500 square meters, and accommodates approximately 10,000 visitors. It has the best shops and famous snow parks in Istanbul, as well as cinemas, cafes and restaurants that make your visit to it an indescribable pleasure and an integrated entertainment experience.

11-Wadi Istanbul Mall

 It sits on an area of 103 thousand square meters! It is one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul and the most attractive for tourists. It has 270 clothing stores among its walls, as well as recreational facilities that ensure visitors have a pleasant leisure trip during their visit to turkish malls in istanbul.

12-Canyon Mall

A modernized architectural design that represents the place of attention in that region, it is the elegant Canyon Mall of Istanbul which is one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul. It has a huge number of shops that offer the best and most luxurious international fashion in turkish malls of istanbul.