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medical tourism includes
  • O2Care Medical Tourism provides a World Class selection of specialized clinics and hospitals where the best medical minds practice. Innovative methods of treatment are applied using the very latest generation of equipment.
  • Every client is guaranteed a personal plan of treatment.
  • Each clinic has been submitted to a careful inspection to ensure the quality of treatment meets the highest standards.
  • We serve clients with different levels of treatment and we guarantee the most appropriate solution to each medical problem.
  • O2Care Medical Tourism works with the best clinics and hospitals in Turkey, providing high-quality and effective treatment for our clients.
  • We save your time and protect your health with the services of our highly qualified and certified medical coordinators at affordable prices.
  • We focus on providing high-quality service and making our client’s  trip more comfortable by providing services such as airport pickup, hotel accommodation, translation and tour planning to explore Turkey.
  • Contact us and you will receive an initial consultation completely free of charge.
  • O2Care Medical Tourism is a place where a team of professional medical coordinators is assembled.


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" Istanbul is the largest city of turkey where Asia meets Europe, it has amazing landmarks, breathtaking views, as well as the delicious traditional Turkish food. Istanbul also may be your favorite destination for best shopping experience, Beside all these advantages, Turkey is one of the most popular health tourism destinations in the World, because of the highly qualified medical practitioners and the well-known medical facilities using the latest technologies."
Ibraheem Al-Draimli