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 Strabismus is when two eyes look in different directions. One eye is looking straight ahead while the other is looking inward, outward, up, or down. Patients with strabismus can sometimes look straight with both eyes in different head positions, such as tilting their heads to the right and left. Sometimes strabismus can manifest itself with such head position abnormalities.


How is a surgical treatment applied in strabismus?

Congenital slides are those that do not usually require glasses and need to be operated on in the early period (6 months – 1 year). The vast majority of eye slides occur around the age of 2-3 years and can usually be completely corrected with glasses. Surgical treatment is required for sliding that does not improve even though glasses are worn. Strabismus surgeries are mostly performed under general anesthesia. Anesthesia is performed by a doctor who specialized in pediatric anesthesia. With early diagnosis and treatment in strabismus, lazy eye syndrome can be prevented and 3-dimensional vision can be achieved. For this reason, every child with suspected strabismus should be taken to a strabismus specialist ophthalmologist before they reach a certain age.

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