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Pediatric Eye Health

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Pediatric Eye Health

As a result of negligence caused by a lack of knowledge about eye diseases, our children may encounter problems that become more difficult to treat at later ages.

Many important eye diseases occur at an early age. However, successful results can be achieved with early diagnosis and correct treatment.

 Symptoms of eye diseases in children

  • Squint of the eye (strabismus)
  • Not following with eyes
  • Eye redness or watering
  • Eye tremor
  • Closing one eye
  • White or hazy color of the pupil, which should appear black
  • Keeping objects close to your eyes all the time
  • Looking with head tilted to one side
  • Rubbing your eyes frequently
  • Premature birth
  • Diagnosis of lazy eye syndrome in the family
  • Family eye disorder

If the above symptoms are observed, an ophthalmologist specialized in pediatric ophthalmology should be consulted without delay.

Common eye diseases in children:

  •        Burring and bleeding in the eye
  •        Eye-watering
  •        Strabismus
  •        AMBLYOPIA (lazy eye)
  •        Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)

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