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Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens of the eye. The lens forms part of the focusing mechanism of the eye and is usually transparent in young age. In a normal eye, this lens is clear. It helps focus light rays on to the back of the eye, the retina, which sends messages to the brain allowing us to see. When the lens becomes cloudy and prevents the light rays from passing to the retina the condition is called cataract.


 Symptoms of cataracts:

Decreased vision

• Decreased night vision

• Blurred vision in sunny weather

• Sensitivity to light

• Frequent changes in dioptries

• Blurring of colors


Treatment of cataracts

Cataracts treated by a surgery, the cloudy lens is surgically removed and during cataract surgery, a new lens is inserted into the eye with the strength needed by the eye.

  • Keep your eyes healthy and get a clearer vision!
  • O2CARE medical tourism will help you to have healthier eyes.
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  • Free consultation.
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  • For your cataract surgery, you should plan 4 days in Turkey. 
Cataract surgery treatment plan: 
First Day:
You will meet your treating doctor. 
Detailed eye examination and confirmation if your eyes are suitable for cataract.
Final decision on the surgery method that will be performed.
Your lenses will be prepared specially for you.
Afterwards, you can return back to the hotel.

Second Day:
After your new lenses are ready, the surgery begins.
The duration of the cataract surgery is approximately 20 minutes per eye.
Cataract surgery is performed under local anesthesia, so it will not be painful.
You will be fitted with contact lenses to protect your eyes.
Immediately after the surgery you will be having a blurred vision, as the eye needs time to adapt to the new lenses.
Post operative Information about what you should pay attention to for the next few days.
Then you can leave the hospital to the hotel.
We recommend that you stick to the medications and eye drops prescribed by your doctor.

Third day :
Follow up by your treating doctor.
You will be able to remove the contact lenses.
Another detailed eye examination will be performed.

Fourth Day:
Final consultation and final eye examination.
For any inquiries our team will be always by your side.